UI E2E Tests Mini
Integration Tests
Tests: Testless build
Duration: 22 minutes
Changes: Who: Yuki Jung
Why: add extra cleanup step

Who: albertshau <ashau@google.com>
Why: Merge pull request #1068 from cdapio/bugfix/dlp-test
CDAP-16604 fix dlp test

Who: albertshau <ashau@google.com>
Why: remove validator test
the validator plugin was removed, so removing the test as well

Who: albertshau <ashau@google.com>
Why: Merge pull request #1020 from vladhlinskiy/feature/CDAP-15735_Added_tests_for_Array_in_Spanner_plugin
CDAP-15735 Support all data types in integration tests for Spanner

Who: albertshau <ashau@google.com>
Why: CDAP-16454 increase time between status polls
Increase the time between program status polls, since most programs
take minutes to run and don"t need to be polled every 50 milliseconds.
This also greatly reduces the amount of logging, making it
easier to investigate failures.