Integration Tests
Tests: Testless build
Duration: 39 minutes
Changes: Who: Vinisha Shah
Why: Remove ApplicationVersionTest#testRouteConfig test

Who: Vinisha Shah <>
Why: Merge pull request #949 from caskdata/bugfix/remove-app-version-test
Remove ApplicationVersionTest#testRouteConfig test

Who: Ali Anwar
Why: Merge pull request #950 from caskdata/remove-old-suites
We no longer support CDH 5.1,5.2,5.3, nor do we support HDP 2.0,2.1. …

Who: Ali <>
Why: Introduce new RequiresSpark, RequiresSpark1, and RequiresSpark2 categories. Use RequiresSpark where we were previously excluding tests that used Spark.

Who: Rohit Sinha <>
Why: Merge pull request #935 from caskdata/feature/meta-stress-test
CDAP-13261 Metadata Stress Test

Manual run by Ali Anwar
Integration Tests - SDK
Tests: 56 passed
Duration: 42 minutes
Changes: No changes
Manual run by Matt Wuenschel