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All successful tests
Status Test Duration
Successful KVTableWithProjectionTest testKVTableWithProjection History
39 secs
Successful TPFSAvroSinkSourceTest testTPFSWithProjection History
1 min
Successful BatchAggregatorTest test History
50 secs
Successful BatchCubeSinkTest test History
30 secs
Successful BatchJoinerTest testJoinerMR History
1 min
Successful BatchJoinerTest testJoinerSpark History
1 min
Successful ETLMapReduceTest testDAG History
36 secs
Successful ETLMapReduceTest testDAGInvalidSchema History
1 sec
Successful ETLMapReduceTest testDAGSchemaChanges History
37 secs
Successful ETLMapReduceTest testKVToKV History
43 secs
Successful ExcelInputReaderTest testExcelReader History
34 secs
Successful ExcelInputReaderTest testExcelReaderReprocessFalse History
37 secs
Successful NormalizeTest testNormalize History
40 secs
Successful NormalizeTest testNormalizeWithEmptyAttributeValue History
34 secs
Successful RowDenormalizerTest test History
31 secs
Successful TPFSParquetSinkSourceTest testMR History
1 min
Successful TPFSParquetSinkSourceTest testSpark History
1 min
Successful ValueMapperTest test History
44 secs
Successful XMLReaderTest testInvalidNodePathWithMoveAction History
46 secs
Successful XMLReaderTest testInvalidPatternWithDeleteAction History
38 secs
Successful XMLReaderTest testPatternWithDeleteAction History
44 secs
Successful XMLReaderTest testPreProcessingNotRequired History
44 secs
Successful XMLReaderTest testPreProcessingRequired History
43 secs
Successful DataStreamsTest testDataStreams History
42 secs
Successful WranglerServiceTest test History
3 secs
Successful WranglerTest testWranglerMR History
44 secs
Successful WranglerTest testWranglerSpark History
43 secs
Successful ServiceWorkerTest test History
28 secs
Successful ApplicationTest test History
13 secs
Successful NamespaceTest testNamespaces History
2 secs
Successful DatasetTest test History
18 secs
Successful FileSetTest test History
19 secs
Successful PartitionCorrectorTest test History
1 min
Successful PartitionedFileSetUpdateTest test History
31 secs
Successful ProgramMetadataTest testSearchUsingSystemMetadata History
8 secs
Successful ProgramMetadataTest testWithLineage History
35 secs
Successful WorkflowTest test History
22 secs
Successful OperationalStatsTest testCDAPStats History
< 1 sec
Successful RemoteCubeTest test History
9 secs
Successful RemoteKeyValueTest test History
14 secs
Successful RemoteTableTest test History
9 secs
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