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Ajai <> Ajai <> 45ceb0d49f7b3274ef7030e0ff40b55277f0406b 45ceb0d49f7b3274ef7030e0ff40b55277f0406b Merge pull request #11879 from cdapio/bugfix-ui/fix-plugin-config-section-headings
[UI] Plugin configuration title + logviewer changes
Ajai Narayan Ajai Narayan dd28e95822984ce83585d0d3381110ecd0c924d6 m dd28e95822984ce83585d0d3381110ecd0c924d6 Increases timeout for checking pipeline succeeded status check to 12 mins
Ajai Narayan Ajai Narayan 3a89121aadc4f4575ae19a16395ee43d0ca40c3e m 3a89121aadc4f4575ae19a16395ee43d0ca40c3e Fixes context menu spec to look for right label
Ajai Narayan Ajai Narayan 43f02fc351325a84c6e035e6149a132c35a61784 m 43f02fc351325a84c6e035e6149a132c35a61784 Upgrades cypress node packages
Ajai Narayan Ajai Narayan 051f4e7ffb983fb771a9267dd2407f50b6bff1e2 m 051f4e7ffb983fb771a9267dd2407f50b6bff1e2 [CDAP-16327][CDAP-16315][UI] Plugin configuration title + logviewer changes
 - Removes classname column from logviewer + removes systemlogs to be included by default
 - Fixes usage of FileDnD after library upgrade
 - Fixes plugin configuration title & subtitle to be concise
 - Upgrades cypress to 4.0.2
 - Adds generic upload command to upload any file using upload wizard (react-dropzone)
 - Adds example jar and json files for testing upload
 - Adds plugin upload spec
 - Adds data-cy attributes to necessary files to test plugin upload wizard
 - Swaps react-cookie with universal-cookie in dll file to correctly build dll files
 - Builds dlls based on newly added package (universal-cookie)
 - Removes unused routes from express

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