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Ajai <> Ajai <> d65a3a5a8abe8ffdc46fde7d33e82745021bae00 d65a3a5a8abe8ffdc46fde7d33e82745021bae00 Merge pull request #11892 from cdapio/bugfix-ui/fix-failing-navbar-e2etest
[UI]Fixes asserting "Dashboard" feature doesn't exist in navbar
Ajai Narayan Ajai Narayan 7d848b1a9a8da1286cbb9ad6a9602feb931f77e8 m 7d848b1a9a8da1286cbb9ad6a9602feb931f77e8 Fixes asserting "Dashboard" feature doesn't exist in navbar
Long version:
- Previously we used to show the page even before we fetch any namespaces
- This allowed quickly to assert the non-existance of "Dashboard" feature in navbar as it won't be there in the light theme.
- This was ok as we didn't load the HomeAction screen before asserting for Dashboard feature non-existance
    (meaning we check if the page contains "Dashboard" text. This won't be present as we don't wait for everything to be loaded)
- Now we changed that behavior to show a loading icon for the entire page until the namespace is fetched.
- This way when we get the anything in the page, we made sure everything is loaded.
- This caused the failure of test case because the HomeAction link actually has a "Dashboard" link

- Fix was to set the right subject (navbar) before checking if "Dashboard" exists.
wyzhang <> wyzhang <> ec480e552baf059597d1f8aa7aa7c085f4718b3d ec480e552baf059597d1f8aa7aa7c085f4718b3d Merge pull request #11900 from cdapio/feature/cdap-wyzhang/leveldb/v0
wyzhang <> wyzhang <> 57fe56a01825c9250153fe5bb8c3d14dc7b820b9 m 57fe56a01825c9250153fe5bb8c3d14dc7b820b9 (CDAP-16353) Adding last update time to ScheduleDetail that gets returned by get schedule API
Terence Yim <> Terence Yim <> f10b55a9cce7c740f773b09a1d551afc6bed6dfc f10b55a9cce7c740f773b09a1d551afc6bed6dfc Merge pull request #11899 from cdapio/feature/CDAP-16339-batch-schedule
(CDAP-16339) Added batch next run time endpoint

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