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  • Ajai <>

    Ajai <> 585b84941cb7bb14cba44617e5a81f06606fd512

    Merge pull request #11749 from cdapio/feature-ui/CDAP-14284-2-pipeline-tests
    [CDAP-14284] Adds basic pipeline integration tests

  • Ajai Narayan

    Ajai Narayan 1126c94b03eb434df7228faa1ace409ed159e643

    [CDAP-14284] Adds basic pipeline integration tests
      - Adds data-cy attribute to pipeline studio to be used in test
      - Modifies the viewport dimension in cypress
      - Minor modification to tsconfig.json
      - Adds typescript transipiling to cypress webpack plugin
      - Adds commands to perform actions while testing pipelines
      - Adds basic tests for pipeline studio
      - Minor fix for condition node endpoint reference + adds data-cy attributes for pipeline controls
      - Adds cypress config for screenshot testing plugin
      - Updates support and plugins for newly add screenshot plugin
      - Adds cypress-visual-regression plugin as node module
      - Adds duck-typing for the newly added plugin
      - Adds generic methods to get plugin endpoint reference
      - Fixes existing command to connect nodes + adds a slightly complex pipeline test case
      - Upgrade cypress to 3.6.1 to avoid discrepancy between cypress plugins
      - Scroll sender textbox to view to avoid trying to typing on an invisible element

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