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Code commits


  • Ajai <>

    Ajai <> 1efff24b7a9614da91273d5dbc39687972dcc3ac

    Merge pull request #11428 from cdapio/bugfix-ui/fix-e2etests
    [UI] [Test] Fix e2e integration tests for UI to run successfully in bamboo

  • Ajai Narayan

    Ajai Narayan 95705f888e4e213817e9e835e5da16bc7580acaa

    [UI] [Test] Fix e2e integration tests for UI to run successfully in bamboo
      - Fixes e2e tests to use username and password from commandline if available.
      - Upgrades cypress npm module
      - Sets default command timeout in cypress json to 20 seconds
      - Fixes footer to not throw js error when authenticated
      - Fixes login helper function to use login from environment variable if available + fixes the way we generate headers with auth token
      - Fixes integration tests to make sure they run properly in authenticated environment
      - Fixes updateTheme API to use proper path library to create path
      - Fixes multiple endpoint spec to correctly upload file (changed in latest chrome)

    • cdap-ui/app/cdap/components/Footer/index.js (version 95705f888e4e213817e9e835e5da16bc7580acaa)
    • cdap-ui/cypress.json (version 95705f888e4e213817e9e835e5da16bc7580acaa)
    • cdap-ui/cypress/helpers.ts (version 95705f888e4e213817e9e835e5da16bc7580acaa)
    • cdap-ui/cypress/integration/login.spec.ts (version 95705f888e4e213817e9e835e5da16bc7580acaa)
    • cdap-ui/cypress/integration/navbar.spec.ts (version 95705f888e4e213817e9e835e5da16bc7580acaa)
    • cdap-ui/cypress/integration/pipeline.plugin.multipleendpoints.spec.ts (version 95705f888e4e213817e9e835e5da16bc7580acaa)
    • cdap-ui/cypress/integration/pipeline.spec.ts (version 95705f888e4e213817e9e835e5da16bc7580acaa)
    • cdap-ui/cypress/integration/pipeline.upgrade.spec.ts (version 95705f888e4e213817e9e835e5da16bc7580acaa)
    • cdap-ui/cypress/support/commands.ts (version 95705f888e4e213817e9e835e5da16bc7580acaa)
    • cdap-ui/package.json (version 95705f888e4e213817e9e835e5da16bc7580acaa)
    • cdap-ui/server/express.js (version 95705f888e4e213817e9e835e5da16bc7580acaa)
    • cdap-ui/yarn.lock (version 95705f888e4e213817e9e835e5da16bc7580acaa)