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Prashant Jaikumar Prashant Jaikumar 226b39f672901ebeacb5a223ff3939f3b5a5ca33 226b39f672901ebeacb5a223ff3939f3b5a5ca33 Merge pull request #1099 from cdapio/disable_explore_tests
Disable tests that use explore functionality
Prashant Jaikumar Prashant Jaikumar 21222587db06575536511dc297d39113109c62e7 m 21222587db06575536511dc297d39113109c62e7 Disable tests that use explore functionality
Explore relies on an old Hive version and isn't being used now.
Prashant Jaikumar Prashant Jaikumar 59f658737ff9ea7e973050dda225bc8813a5f6b2 59f658737ff9ea7e973050dda225bc8813a5f6b2 Merge pull request #1098 from cdapio/itn-fixes-again
Update tests to be compatible with new ITN system
Mo Eseifan Mo Eseifan b2a62754d55f8038f89920d6514aa4b651393fae m b2a62754d55f8038f89920d6514aa4b651393fae Updated namespace test asserts on error message
Mo Eseifan Mo Eseifan 13e78e6a6d796029192312bc5a90cfb09101bc48 m 13e78e6a6d796029192312bc5a90cfb09101bc48 Add body to POST requests to avoid 411 content-length header issues

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Error summary for Distro Tests - BigTop 1.1

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/var/bamboo/xml-data/build-dir/IT-ITN-DTB1/cdap-integration-tests/bin/coopr-runner.rb:502:in `block in poll_until_active': Cluster 00067183 is not in an active or pending state (RuntimeError)
        from /var/bamboo/xml-data/build-dir/IT-ITN-DTB1/cdap-integration-tests/bin/coopr-runner.rb:499:in `loop'
        from /var/bamboo/xml-data/build-dir/IT-ITN-DTB1/cdap-integration-tests/bin/coopr-runner.rb:499:in `poll_until_active'
        from /var/bamboo/xml-data/build-dir/IT-ITN-DTB1/cdap-integration-tests/bin/coopr-runner.rb:625:in `<main>'