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Automatically provisions CDAP cluster and runs integration test suite against it.

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itn.branch feature/CDAP-12630-upgrade-tephra-version

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Vinisha Shah <> Vinisha Shah <> b161105f660abd4ebaf22f7aa276bc053cb5990a b161105f660abd4ebaf22f7aa276bc053cb5990a Merge pull request #955 from caskdata/fix/purchase-lineage
Add assert for tags and props in PurchaseMetadataTest#testLineage
Vinisha Shah Vinisha Shah 7a3629c722d2a0509258335b2c1b4bdb6cc05a2f 7a3629c722d2a0509258335b2c1b4bdb6cc05a2f Add assert for tags and props in PurchaseMetadataTest#testLineage
Ali Anwar Ali Anwar b7b16296f19e6ebb4e0a680cfcd2c99d02b773ed b7b16296f19e6ebb4e0a680cfcd2c99d02b773ed Merge pull request #953 from caskdata/fix-workflow-test
CDAP-14132 Update the integration test, due to the examples being bumped to Spark2
Ali Anwar Ali Anwar f09dd1fe64178db8b4825dd9b84c2394cff5beaa f09dd1fe64178db8b4825dd9b84c2394cff5beaa Merge pull request #952 from caskdata/separate-spark2-tests
Most of our integration test builds don't support Spark2, so separating those out
Ali <> Ali <> 9af5453826c04b13d3545894651f291a816483d5 9af5453826c04b13d3545894651f291a816483d5 CDAP-14132 Update the integration test, similar to how the unit test was updated for WikipediaPipelineAppTest in

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Unknown Issue TypeCDAP-13997Could not obtain issue details from JIRA
Unknown Issue TypeCDAP-14132Could not obtain issue details from JIRA

Error summary for Distro Tests - CDH 5.5

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/var/bamboo/xml-data/build-dir/IT-ITM-DSTC55/cdap-integration-tests/bin/coopr-runner.rb:502:in `block in poll_until_active': Cluster 00034935 is not in an active or pending state (RuntimeError)
        from /var/bamboo/xml-data/build-dir/IT-ITM-DSTC55/cdap-integration-tests/bin/coopr-runner.rb:499:in `loop'
        from /var/bamboo/xml-data/build-dir/IT-ITM-DSTC55/cdap-integration-tests/bin/coopr-runner.rb:499:in `poll_until_active'
        from /var/bamboo/xml-data/build-dir/IT-ITM-DSTC55/cdap-integration-tests/bin/coopr-runner.rb:625:in `<main>'