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  • albertshau <>

    albertshau <> 14a0385ad931117f07cf7afa9943901699306494

    Merge pull request #1001 from cdapio/fix-wrangler-tests
    fix wrangler pipeline test

  • albertshau <>

    albertshau <> b28bddf8a84f83c2836470730deb175c209048fb

    fix wrangler pipeline test
    The wrangler pipeline test does not require the wrangler
    service to be running, so removed the part that deploys and starts
    the service. This was failing due to the fact that wrangler must
    now be deployed to the system namespace.

    Also fixed a compilation issue due to a class being moved.

    • integration-test-remote/src/test/java/co/cask/cdap/app/etl/wrangler/ (version b28bddf8a84f83c2836470730deb175c209048fb)
    • integration-test-remote/src/test/java/co/cask/cdap/apps/metadata/ (version b28bddf8a84f83c2836470730deb175c209048fb)