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Related issues (8 issues)
Type Key Summary Status Assignee Fix versions Related Builds Operations
Task CDAP-13752 ITN for preview feature in standalone tests Resolved Yaojie Feng 5.1.0 12 related builds
New Feature CDAP-14330 Create a GCS move plugin Resolved Albert Shau 6.0.0 9 related builds
Sub-task CDAP-14587 All metadata change should be published via TMS or RPC call to Metadata service Resolved Andreas Neumann 6.0.0 15 related builds
Improvement CDAP-14720 Clean up MetadataUpgradeTest Resolved Albert Shau 9 related builds
Bug CDAP-14741 Update BasicAppAuthorizationTest and BasicAuthorizationTest Open Yaojie Feng 17 related builds
Task CDAP-14746 Migrate integration tests that used flows Reopened Jay Jin 9 related builds
Sub-task CDAP-14764 Update wrangler integration test Resolved Albert Shau 6.0.0 9 related builds
Sub-task CDAP-14827 Handle namespace delete in dataprep Resolved Albert Shau 6.0.0 17 related builds