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  • albertshau <>

    albertshau <> 06894ffb553d2cf7ab4db0c3c9cc721e104af1c4

    Merge pull request #1055 from cdapio/bugfix/CDAP-16430-fix-hub-plugin-deploy
    CDAP-16430 fix deploy hub plugin

  • albertshau <>

    albertshau <> 349b7ae6c543ae3133b8d01265cece473e834076

    CDAP-16430 fix deploy hub plugin
    Fix the deploy hub plugin method to use the public CDAP REST APIs
    instead of some UI endpoint that is subject to change and which is
    currently broken.

    • integration-test-remote/src/test/java/io/cdap/cdap/app/etl/ (version 349b7ae6c543ae3133b8d01265cece473e834076)
    • integration-test-remote/src/test/java/io/cdap/cdap/app/etl/batch/ (version 349b7ae6c543ae3133b8d01265cece473e834076)
    • integration-test-remote/src/test/java/io/cdap/cdap/app/hub/ (version 349b7ae6c543ae3133b8d01265cece473e834076)
  • albertshau <>

    albertshau <> 9607e8dc83a7b1ded1c4bbde09b852b44a08ae15

    Merge pull request #1053 from cdapio/bugfix/CDAP-16429-fix-pubsub-stop-flakiness
    CDAP-16429 log a warning if pipeline cleanup fails

  • albertshau <>

    albertshau <> adcdd7d6d9c5f7bf43bf2999bd9ebb286da2d5fc

    CDAP-16429 log a warning if pipeline cleanup fails
    The pubsub test was flaky because it would occasionally get a 400
    error that the pipeline is not running when the stop call is made.
    Changed the test to just log a warning in this scenario since the
    test was actually successful. CDAP may have some underlying bugs
    causing this behavior though.

    • integration-test-remote/src/test/java/io/cdap/cdap/app/etl/gcp/ (version adcdd7d6d9c5f7bf43bf2999bd9ebb286da2d5fc)