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Related issues (6 issues)
Type Key Summary Status Assignee Fix versions Related Builds Operations
Sub-task CDAP-13261 Add support for adding metadata from Program Resolved Rohit Sinha 5.0.0 30 related builds
Bug CDAP-13721 Metadata should not be directly associated with ProgramRunIds Resolved Rohit Sinha 5.0.0 20 related builds
Task CDAP-13997 Remove Tracker from CDAP backend Resolved Yaojie Feng 5.1.0 12 related builds
Bug CDAP-14132 Fix cdap-examples to be Spark2 compatible Resolved Terence Yim 5.1.0 18 related builds
Bug CDAP-14328 CrossNSAppImpersonationTest can only run with spark2 Resolved Rohit Sinha 11 related builds
Improvement CDAP-14529 Remove deprecated HDFSSink Resolved Rohit Sinha 6.0.0 13 related builds