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Tests impersonation using ITN test cases

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  • yaojiefeng <>

    yaojiefeng <> 813f6bdf4ce06672675ac5928300a2e599575bd7

    Merge pull request #1032 from cdapio/feature/bump-version
    bump version

  • albertshau <>

    albertshau <> 04e85e4a550226ea682b06dd26ab741d01ef604a

    Merge pull request #1033 from cdapio/disable-yarn-mem-check
    disable yarn pmem check

  • albertshau <>

    albertshau <> 14b7298b067d7cb958fbb9008ece8f09ef979a95

    disable yarn pmem check
    CDAP services are getting killed by yarn due to physical memory
    constraints. Disable the pmem check to avoid this.

    • conf/cdap.json (version 14b7298b067d7cb958fbb9008ece8f09ef979a95)
  • yaojie <>

    yaojie <> c2ece85e06ffc90c138406b6feecfded61a38753

    bump version

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