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  • Ali Anwar

    Ali Anwar de70731ab45f116b5958e22d4f728aa6544e62dd

    Merge pull request #1025 from cdapio/fix-install-plugin-from-market
    Fix HivePluginTest (installing from market)

  • Ali <>

    Ali <> 85edfae1341d87b4ae3974d200a3f919b7b97e61 m

    This change is needed due to and

    • integration-test-remote/src/test/java/io/cdap/cdap/app/etl/ (version 85edfae1341d87b4ae3974d200a3f919b7b97e61)
  • Terence Yim

    Terence Yim d9ba849b35ebf98f4f19755c337efcf611976c5f

    Added travis configuration

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