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  • sechegaray <>

    sechegaray <> 8f8d0155f2f37cc43f59758d8dbe66276b590f42

    Merge pull request #533 from data-integrations/fix/plugin-768
    [PLUGIN-768] Fix Flatten so that it correctly handles empty arrays

  • Sebastian Echegaray <>

    Sebastian Echegaray <> 28c05e35a3bcc3e8e5ff1ad23a2143070965a32d m

    Made a copy of Row before modifying it to avoid side-effects

    • wrangler-core/src/main/java/io/cdap/directives/row/ (version 28c05e35a3bcc3e8e5ff1ad23a2143070965a32d)
  • Sebastian Echegaray <>

    Sebastian Echegaray <> 3a53be205b80a17e00ee81faaf42c896dd32560c m

    reverting an accidental change

    • wrangler-service/pom.xml (version 3a53be205b80a17e00ee81faaf42c896dd32560c)
  • Sebastian Echegaray <>

    Sebastian Echegaray <> b1119480132ea31deabdd9a98120a745c18e4df9 m

    Changed test so it would reflect that flattening an empty list should return a null value, not an empty list again

    • wrangler-core/src/test/java/io/cdap/directives/row/ (version b1119480132ea31deabdd9a98120a745c18e4df9)
    • wrangler-service/pom.xml (version b1119480132ea31deabdd9a98120a745c18e4df9)
  • Sebastian Echegaray <>

    Sebastian Echegaray <> f2ad5dff2e0b933a9dd10cf66303f5b18a60335a m

    Fix Flatten so that it correctly handles empty arrays

    • wrangler-core/src/main/java/io/cdap/directives/row/ (version f2ad5dff2e0b933a9dd10cf66303f5b18a60335a)