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Edwin Elia <> Edwin Elia <> bd9af004bdae27eb9d0d7e43b41456fe2dd6e7f7 bd9af004bdae27eb9d0d7e43b41456fe2dd6e7f7 Merge pull request #415 from data-integrations/release/4.2
albertshau <> albertshau <> d2ac99dde4657444fc163dc0121c18622a5129a9 m d2ac99dde4657444fc163dc0121c18622a5129a9 Merge pull request #410 from data-integrations/bugfix_release/CDAP-16724-fix-bad-sampling
CDAP-16724 fix bad sampling in GCS handler
albertshau <> albertshau <> 47810cb829c8a0a31191b5100d06aa7a82becab7 m 47810cb829c8a0a31191b5100d06aa7a82becab7 CDAP-16724 fix bad sampling in GCS handler
Fixed the GCS handler to create less duplicate data. Instead of
copying data multiple times, try to go through the file contents
once and just maintain a single list of Rows.

Also limited the number of rows in the sample to 5000. This is
because the Row class uses a lot of memory, so the handler was
going out of memory reading just 10mb of an input file, where that
10mb contained a million rows.

Also fixed a bug in Row that made one of the constructors useless
and changed another constructor to set the initial the array size
to reduce memory usage.
albertshau <> albertshau <> a46291d30b42833048c1c7e1b8c1a5a418720d4c m a46291d30b42833048c1c7e1b8c1a5a418720d4c Merge pull request #408 from data-integrations/bugfix_release/CDAP-16758-fix-schema-tests
CDAP-16758 fix schema related unit tests
albertshau <> albertshau <> c0ea896b4b590be5d1b111e57bf59f447e15606e m c0ea896b4b590be5d1b111e57bf59f447e15606e CDAP-16758 fix schema related unit tests
use correct schema name to fix unit tests

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