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Hydrator Plugins

  • Sagar Ahire <>

    Sagar Ahire <> c0f2244cf423b0bc6813036852f2263612875ef9

    Merge pull request #1496 from cdapio/PLUGIN-754-map-key-1
    [PLUGIN-754] Add String key to avro maps in AvroToStructuredTransformer

  • Sagar Ahire <>

    Sagar Ahire <> 1aacf2537033ab13725f0ff74c8c5e3df1424bca m

    Change preprocessSchema to void as the schema object is being modified in place

    • format-avro/src/main/java/io/cdap/plugin/format/avro/ (version 1aacf2537033ab13725f0ff74c8c5e3df1424bca)
  • Sagar Ahire <>

    Sagar Ahire <> 048e3c84cb55e0d8a2808ecb4a632affbaf58dbd m

    Add test case for avro map without explicit key

    • core-plugins/src/test/java/io/cdap/plugin/transform/ (version 048e3c84cb55e0d8a2808ecb4a632affbaf58dbd)
  • Sagar Ahire <>

    Sagar Ahire <> 92b2aa541dd5b228214736a28a5da6c3772bddfb m

    Preprocess avro schema to add string key to map

    • format-avro/src/main/java/io/cdap/plugin/format/avro/ (version 92b2aa541dd5b228214736a28a5da6c3772bddfb)