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Hydrator Plugins

  • Denton Liu <>

    Denton Liu <> ce5e4db15be9537383a7a4f09d70d2e5a47b41b1

    Merge pull request #643 from caskdata/reduce-jar-size
    Revert "HYDRATOR-488 Create fat JAR with shade"

  • Denton Liu

    Denton Liu 982834bfd0809d7f41f8751de356adc7756f252d

    Revert "HYDRATOR-488 Create fat JAR with shade"
    This reverts commit ca99ef9d9f7820a018ec2050de485024475eb382. This
    should solve the issue where the JAR produced is massive compared to
    before this commit.

    At some point, we should probably move the PythonEvaluator plugin into
    its own package, though.

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    • core-plugins/src/main/java/co/cask/hydrator/plugin/transform/ (version 982834bfd0809d7f41f8751de356adc7756f252d)
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