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Hydrator Plugins

  • Denton Liu <>

    Denton Liu <> 3ce891ecb4dc70054f6a18b4a82c4f36b1334f80

    Merge pull request #636 from caskdata/feature/hydrator-488-upgrade-jython
    HYDRATOR-488 and HYDRATOR-465 Upgrade jython to 2.7.0

  • Denton Liu

    Denton Liu 8acd25671ea22dcf90f6d7f239f2fddf4f3937a7 m

    HYDRATOR-488 Remove resolved issue in docs

    • core-plugins/docs/ (version 8acd25671ea22dcf90f6d7f239f2fddf4f3937a7)
  • Denton Liu

    Denton Liu 5a44864cc07c5af4560861ec2ce508673e3c18b7 m

    HYDRATOR-645 Revert "Revert "compile python script during configurePipeline stage""
    This reverts commit 7834ed89235078190a71617862da958525a2d4ed.

    • core-plugins/src/main/java/co/cask/hydrator/plugin/transform/ (version 5a44864cc07c5af4560861ec2ce508673e3c18b7)
    • core-plugins/src/test/java/co/cask/hydrator/plugin/transform/ (version 5a44864cc07c5af4560861ec2ce508673e3c18b7)
  • Denton Liu

    Denton Liu ca99ef9d9f7820a018ec2050de485024475eb382 m

    HYDRATOR-488 Create fat JAR with shade
    The jython-standalone 2.7.0 package was packaged with classes in the
    default package. As a result, maven-bundle-plugin will only be used to
    generate the manifest while maven-shade-plugin will be used to actually
    package the JAR.

    • core-plugins/pom.xml (version ca99ef9d9f7820a018ec2050de485024475eb382)
    • core-plugins/src/main/java/co/cask/hydrator/plugin/transform/ (version ca99ef9d9f7820a018ec2050de485024475eb382)
    • pom.xml (version ca99ef9d9f7820a018ec2050de485024475eb382)