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Alvin Wang Alvin Wang 261544ed53cc98afb8a21e6b96efd173775cb015 261544ed53cc98afb8a21e6b96efd173775cb015 Merge pull request #859 from cybervisiontech/feature/coopr-634
COOPR-634: Add /resolve API for resolving templates with extend (parent) and includes (partials)
Yurii Talashko <> Yurii Talashko <> 7825d153d92cb0d89f556dd1a468f909794dc511 m 7825d153d92cb0d89f556dd1a468f909794dc511 COOPR-634: change resolved test json due to changes in other jsons
Yurii Talashko <> Yurii Talashko <> 913752c477690d0b47107910eca363ac6089f5f2 m 913752c477690d0b47107910eca363ac6089f5f2 Merge remote-tracking branch 'upstream/develop' into feature/coopr-634
Yurii Talashko <> Yurii Talashko <> 3d054ceebe790c5124e5c4e3de362fb451d55db6 m 3d054ceebe790c5124e5c4e3de362fb451d55db6 COOPR-634: update PR
rpedanov <> rpedanov <> d914cc8da9cdef5e6e7bdd735115be8e76e47508 m d914cc8da9cdef5e6e7bdd735115be8e76e47508 coopr-634 TemplateValidationException Test for template with errors

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