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Alvin Wang Alvin Wang 22803df8a330524b3346800811b0f69834d5b3a4 22803df8a330524b3346800811b0f69834d5b3a4 Merge pull request #847 from cybervisiontech/feature/coopr-629
COOPR:629 Update template APIs to support extending templates and including partials
rpedanov <> rpedanov <> db8bf356922994ac930130b614bba2bd5cc6915f m db8bf356922994ac930130b614bba2bd5cc6915f COOPR-629 new line
rpedanov <> rpedanov <> 9be1a24d213559847848c23ad2efe15e06c6c68d m 9be1a24d213559847848c23ad2efe15e06c6c68d COOPR-629 template codec null guards add compatibilities codec into gson adapters template entities final links for to avoid errors merger now merge trough builders back num machines "1" value to ClusterServiceTest (rollback from develop) extra template tests java docs text fix
rpedanov <> rpedanov <> 76bff8e44a0567c99a96002b7dc4c9e4a5eff750 m 76bff8e44a0567c99a96002b7dc4c9e4a5eff750 COOPR-629 services order changes
rpedanov <> rpedanov <> 06c4967ee9c3bc1bf8e61da1adf6112215eb8ee6 m 06c4967ee9c3bc1bf8e61da1adf6112215eb8ee6 COOPR-629 resolve merge conflicts

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