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Alvin Wang Alvin Wang 92a33204beb159753a6d3102185e43732a19ed2c 92a33204beb159753a6d3102185e43732a19ed2c Merge pull request #826 from cybervisiontech/feature/coopr-578
COOPR-650: Implement base classes for partial templates
rpedanov <> rpedanov <> 2b60c4957124a7fbbd9240b218d3896ad29b9177 m 2b60c4957124a7fbbd9240b218d3896ad29b9177 COOPR-578 init includes set fix.
rpedanov <> rpedanov <> 5285753015f13abb42379a1508f232425394ee75 m 5285753015f13abb42379a1508f232425394ee75 COOPR-578 small changes
rpedanov <> rpedanov <> 56b6618ac340045fd3e3f0abbda0622086677377 m 56b6618ac340045fd3e3f0abbda0622086677377 Merge branch 'develop' of into feature/coopr-578
Taras Yatskiv <> Taras Yatskiv <> 9f597d95baabb5e29990b3e803be02b585a07d2a m 9f597d95baabb5e29990b3e803be02b585a07d2a Merge remote-tracking branch 'upstream/develop' into feature/coopr-578

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