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Alvin Wang Alvin Wang a3cab4e9e4556def7483380df1ec11a41c18c923 a3cab4e9e4556def7483380df1ec11a41c18c923 Merge pull request #785 from cybervisiontech/COOPR_605
COOPR-605:CLI: help should be context-aware
dark <> dark <> 61452af4898b14e4a8cef2bace23a4fbcd592508 61452af4898b14e4a8cef2bace23a4fbcd592508 COOPR-605: simplify class usage
dark <> dark <> fb6f49bfe9b13f72c765b05941784d5a5b153427 fb6f49bfe9b13f72c765b05941784d5a5b153427 Merge remote-tracking branch 'upstream/develop' into COOPR_605
ytalashkocv <> ytalashkocv <> 57be1d25f14197de7e1c8c1b8d2f2a9bd92f81ac m 57be1d25f14197de7e1c8c1b8d2f2a9bd92f81ac COOPR-605: delete unnecessary line due to changes to common-cli
Artem Makogon <> Artem Makogon <> 7703718f8debdb4addb4ea6e23718ba4c60bc828 m 7703718f8debdb4addb4ea6e23718ba4c60bc828 COOPR-605: refactored code according to changes in common cli

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