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12a6ae4f8ec72806c416ca015135468001d2f828 12a6ae4f8ec72806c416ca015135468001d2f828
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#14 (Manual run by albert)

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albertshau <> albertshau <> 12a6ae4f8ec72806c416ca015135468001d2f828 12a6ae4f8ec72806c416ca015135468001d2f828 Merge pull request #579 from continuuity/feature/nodejs-update
Feature/nodejs update
albertshau <> albertshau <> cb70f4dbf15454ded14d41cf1b0d9532b9c70a4a cb70f4dbf15454ded14d41cf1b0d9532b9c70a4a Merge pull request #592 from continuuity/feature/fog-plugin-tests
Feature/fog plugin tests
albertshau <> albertshau <> a8b897aacfee7b0ab1984f7eae09409bc3ad7f52 a8b897aacfee7b0ab1984f7eae09409bc3ad7f52 Merge pull request #593 from continuuity/feature/write-creds
Feature/write creds
Chris Gianelloni Chris Gianelloni 84ca5205617cb50893e6972e54d3464ccb38a165 84ca5205617cb50893e6972e54d3464ccb38a165 Use correct JSON path
Chris Gianelloni Chris Gianelloni a8053d1248f853433ae8e7eecd4deeadd28f25d8 a8053d1248f853433ae8e7eecd4deeadd28f25d8 Add decode_string_to_file and write out ssh_keyfile, if present

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