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9c2fdc37b9f7136755bc099b1df165c6b0860bfa 9c2fdc37b9f7136755bc099b1df165c6b0860bfa
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Chris Gianelloni Chris Gianelloni 9c2fdc37b9f7136755bc099b1df165c6b0860bfa 9c2fdc37b9f7136755bc099b1df165c6b0860bfa Change Docker run options (#68)
* Exit after copy

* Try some other options for detaching

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+ cp -vf /var/tmp/coopr-build/pkg/coopr-cli-0.9.9+20161129180628.git.27.9c2fdc3-1.el6.x86_64.rpm /var/tmp/coopr-build/pkg/coopr-cli-0.9.9+20161129180628.git.27.9c2fdc3-1.el6.x86_64.rpm.metadata.json /var/tmp/coopr-build/pkg/coopr-provisioner-0.9.9+20161129180845.git.27.9c2fdc3-1.el6.x86_64.rpm /var/tmp/coopr-build/pkg/coopr-provisioner-0.9.9+20161129180845.git.27.9c2fdc3-1.el6.x86_64.rpm.metadata.json /var/tmp/coopr-build/pkg/coopr-server-0.9.9+20161129182134.git.27.9c2fdc3-1.el6.x86_64.rpm /var/tmp/coopr-build/pkg/coopr-server-0.9.9+20161129182134.git.27.9c2fdc3-1.el6.x86_64.rpm.metadata.json /var/tmp/coopr-build/pkg/coopr-ui-0.9.9+20161129182314.git.27.9c2fdc3-1.el6.x86_64.rpm /var/tmp/coopr-build/pkg/coopr-ui-0.9.9+20161129182314.git.27.9c2fdc3-1.el6.x86_64.rpm.metadata.json /tmp/target
The command '/bin/sh -c useradd -m coopr &&   apt-get update &&   apt-get install -y --no-install-recommends     curl     git     python2.7 &&   curl -vL | bash -s -- -v 12.4.3 &&   mkdir -p /var/chef/cookbooks &&   cd /var/chef/cookbooks &&   touch .gitignore && git init && git add .gitignore && git commit -m 'Initial commit' &&   knife cookbook site install maven 1.1.0 &&   knife cookbook site install apt 2.4.0 &&   knife cookbook site install build-essential 1.4.4 &&   knife cookbook site install git 3.1.0 &&   knife cookbook site install homebrew 1.9.0 &&   knife cookbook site install pkgin 0.4.0 &&   knife cookbook site install pkgutil 0.0.3 &&   knife cookbook site install rbenv 1.7.1 &&   knife cookbook site install windows 1.34.2 &&   knife cookbook site install wix 1.1.0 &&   knife cookbook site install yum-epel 0.4.0 &&   knife cookbook site download 7-zip --force &&   for tb in maven apt build-essential git homebrew pkgin pkgutil rbenv windows wix yum-epel 7-zip; do     tar xf ${tb}*.tar.gz ;     rm -f ${tb}*.tar.gz ;   done &&   echo "name 'pkgin'" >> pkgin/metadata.rb &&   git commit -am "HACK: Add name to pkgin's metadata" &&   echo "name 'pkgutil'" >> pkgutil/metadata.rb &&   git commit -am "HACK: Add name to pkgutil's metadata" &&   knife cookbook site install omnibus 1.2.4 --skip-dependencies &&   rm -f *.tar.gz &&   mkdir -p /var/tmp/coopr-build &&   chown -R coopr /var/tmp/coopr-build &&   cd /var/tmp/coopr-build &&   chef-solo -j /var/tmp/coopr-build/chef.json -o 'recipe[omnibus],recipe[maven]' &&   gem install bundler --no-rdoc --no-ri &&   chown -R coopr /opt &&   su coopr -c "bundle install --binstubs" &&   su coopr -c "git config --global '' && git config --global 'Cask Ops'" &&   for project in ${COOPR_BUILD_PROJECTS} ; do     su coopr -c "bin/omnibus build ${project}" ;     rm -rf /opt/coopr ;   done' returned a non-zero code: 12