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f02c7853e5ffbb20ebe7a28c6b8e712e2918b400 f02c7853e5ffbb20ebe7a28c6b8e712e2918b400
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#6 (Changes by Ali Anwar)
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#18 (Manual run by Sreevatsan Raman)

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Ali Anwar Ali Anwar f02c7853e5ffbb20ebe7a28c6b8e712e2918b400 f02c7853e5ffbb20ebe7a28c6b8e712e2918b400 Merge pull request #73 from caskdata/feature/streamclient-config-update
Remove default auth client, make config
Ali Anwar Ali Anwar c6af03fcd7ed4d81dd0bdfdf2de33749b03722ac c6af03fcd7ed4d81dd0bdfdf2de33749b03722ac insert line break
Ali Anwar Ali Anwar 5619e19f98f8892c6a46f45bab44536f86497329 5619e19f98f8892c6a46f45bab44536f86497329 Update
Ali Anwar Ali Anwar 70ba1b81eb8817f56932a34297b156e3b5f794df 70ba1b81eb8817f56932a34297b156e3b5f794df extract default values, per PR comment.
Ali Anwar Ali Anwar 3fda45be5750f7375f2b5af61bdc023bfa9b0451 3fda45be5750f7375f2b5af61bdc023bfa9b0451 remove read_from_file from Config. Fix docs, slightly.

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