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Ali Anwar Ali Anwar 0c63e2be8d47471d6e781d9fca2ce08adc5e6862 0c63e2be8d47471d6e781d9fca2ce08adc5e6862 Merge pull request #71 from caskdata/feature/disablecertcheck-verifysslcert
Feature/disablecertcheck verifysslcert
Ali Anwar Ali Anwar 7973eaa87d9148c83d290e078d3c5ccaee1ee5e0 7973eaa87d9148c83d290e078d3c5ccaee1ee5e0 Change test verify_ssl_cert to false. Also change python config key.
Ali Anwar Ali Anwar ecba1723e4d12eb0f929166b70b7867956316f84 ecba1723e4d12eb0f929166b70b7867956316f84 changes that are already on develop, but needed on release to run integration tests.
Ali Anwar Ali Anwar f117694d5e013fb91d842fce2b740057baa2a568 f117694d5e013fb91d842fce2b740057baa2a568 Merge branch 'release/1.0.0' into feature/disablecertcheck-verifysslcert
Ali Anwar Ali Anwar dd7ff1ab56739566f4713388395b73387c50a519 m dd7ff1ab56739566f4713388395b73387c50a519 change 'disableCertCheck' to 'verify.ssl.cert' to make more logical sense, and also to be consistent with auth client. Change defaults to true.

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