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42b8489c870692838dfa5c33edcc6c73e13b316e 42b8489c870692838dfa5c33edcc6c73e13b316e
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#6 (Changes by Ali Anwar)
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#18 (Manual run by Sreevatsan Raman)

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Ali Anwar Ali Anwar 42b8489c870692838dfa5c33edcc6c73e13b316e 42b8489c870692838dfa5c33edcc6c73e13b316e Merge pull request #66 from caskdata/feature/change-readme-link
Change versions, update readmes, specify download for flume jar.
Ali Anwar Ali Anwar e459ceb5120b07b4819684bccee06ce11d7a9ad9 m e459ceb5120b07b4819684bccee06ce11d7a9ad9 https->http
Ali Anwar Ali Anwar 20266785b36e1794263768ff9fa0ab4f5ebf7ff0 m 20266785b36e1794263768ff9fa0ab4f5ebf7ff0 1.0.0 -> 1.0.1
Ali Anwar Ali Anwar 6faf48874e83f2dd383843f194fd8362aa3a4ad6 m 6faf48874e83f2dd383843f194fd8362aa3a4ad6 Change versions, update readmes, specify download for flume jar.

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