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Ajai <> Ajai <> e697747a3224ea1672c12385df76a55b81b15603 e697747a3224ea1672c12385df76a55b81b15603 Merge pull request #11972 from mukhlin/feature/wrangler-data-model
Completed "Map to Target" directive
mukhlin <> mukhlin <> 5bc67c2bee57d67916e5645063aee032a1000b1a m 5bc67c2bee57d67916e5645063aee032a1000b1a Refactored styles.
yukiej <> yukiej <> bf3da94bc4e4f17168960647bc0db03f16bb17db bf3da94bc4e4f17168960647bc0db03f16bb17db Merge pull request #12113 from cdapio/bugfix-ui/cdap-16621-remove-export-modal
[CDAP-16621] Remove export modal when exporting pipeline JSON
Yuki Jung Yuki Jung fd6068213d7e1a7c31fc7437f4438ed825b1f170 fd6068213d7e1a7c31fc7437f4438ed825b1f170 Only so export pipeline JSON modal when running Cypress tests
Modify test to get modal when running integration test

Show export modal for canvas actions test

Show export modal for pipeline test

Add alignment step when selecting multiple nodes with mousedown (plus automated linting changes)

Factor out helper pipeline download function

Update export in actions menu to directly download from deployed and draft list views

Add state to actions popover and  close  popover when Export is clicked

Undo changes to pipeline export modal service

Update popover state from deployed actions component

Add updating showPopover for draft and deployed actions menus
mukhlin <> mukhlin <> aa835488fe5de34c3df1abb3d8fb8b1b0354a1b1 m aa835488fe5de34c3df1abb3d8fb8b1b0354a1b1 Adjusted font and size of menu items to be inline with menus of other directives.

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