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Code commits


  • Terence Yim <>

    Terence Yim <> 1e5ff118f059c482ba1be7d3704df3951a5515fd

    Merge pull request #11687 from cdapio/merge-6.1
    Merge release/6.1 back to develop

  • Terence Yim

    Terence Yim 981449ac1be2adb6108e7a561f87e6bb31b6d0a7

    Merge release/6.1 back to develop

  • yukiej <>

    yukiej <> 8d749b37622f94574aa52abec874a691437e3b32 m

    Merge pull request #11685 from cdapio/bugfix_release-ui/CDAP-15997
    [CDAP-15997] Fix bug where schema doesn't display in details view

  • Yuki Jung

    Yuki Jung fd97e5a4f3e983f7c4accf965606a8e03fa8734d m

    Fix getting schema from backend res

    • cdap-ui/app/cdap/components/DatasetDetailedView/index.js (version fd97e5a4f3e983f7c4accf965606a8e03fa8734d)
  • Edwin Elia <>

    Edwin Elia <> 83aa3c74e1fd4466d927bfeceaa4ae0a9be6b0b2 m

    Merge pull request #11684 from cdapio/bugfix_release-ui/CDAP-15998-program-card-style
    [CDAP-15998] add specificity to styling of program cards in detailed …

  • Edwin Elia <>

    Edwin Elia <> 6317327d2fa70b66752b36985a72b7d5f35ca9bb m

    [CDAP-15998] add specificity to styling of program cards in detailed view

    • cdap-ui/app/cdap/components/AppDetailedView/AppDetailedView.scss (version 6317327d2fa70b66752b36985a72b7d5f35ca9bb)
  • Edwin Elia <>

    Edwin Elia <> 68d8c030b4d34577863ce4b35639023a33b210b3 m

    Merge pull request #11682 from cdapio/bugfix_release-ui/CDAP-15994-fix-stage-level-metrics
    [CDAP-15994] Fix stage level metrics API usage to use pipeline start …

  • Edwin Elia <>

    Edwin Elia <> d864161af97fe4e93971d90c533b3af7a686382b m

    [CDAP-15994] Fix stage level metrics API usage to use pipeline start time

    • cdap-ui/app/cdap/components/PipelineNodeGraphs/PipelineNodeMetricsGraph.js (version d864161af97fe4e93971d90c533b3af7a686382b)
  • Edwin Elia <>

    Edwin Elia <> 7b38df45810f61cc0b77e5ba84ecf3d8f20e68bd m

    Merge pull request #11680 from cdapio/bugfix_release-ui/CDAP-15990-directives-wrongly-disabled
    [CDAP-15990] Send to error and Mask data directives are disabled when…

  • Edwin Elia <>

    Edwin Elia <> 4fe58d6b75641376a4ad6f3ddfb24d2782c48599 m

    [CDAP-15990] Send to error and Mask data directives are disabled when a single column is selected

    • cdap-ui/app/cdap/components/DataPrep/ColumnActionsDropdown/index.js (version 4fe58d6b75641376a4ad6f3ddfb24d2782c48599)
  • Edwin Elia <>

    Edwin Elia <> dccd78a7d37ba6ca08a148c195ef91b66e44e4ba m

    Merge pull request #11679 from cdapio/bugfix_release-ui/CDAP-15982-validate-button-loading
    [CDAP-15982] add loading indicator to validate and get schema button

  • Edwin Elia <>

    Edwin Elia <> 9220f796ae39ced1fe58ad071990bc5db6cbab7c m

    [CDAP-15982] add loading indicator to validate and get schema button

    • cdap-ui/app/cdap/components/AbstractWidget/GetSchemaWidget/index.tsx (version 9220f796ae39ced1fe58ad071990bc5db6cbab7c)
    • cdap-ui/app/common/cask-shared-components.js (version 9220f796ae39ced1fe58ad071990bc5db6cbab7c)
    • cdap-ui/app/directives/my-post-run-action-wizard/my-post-run-action-wizard-modal.html (version 9220f796ae39ced1fe58ad071990bc5db6cbab7c)
    • cdap-ui/app/directives/react-components/index.js (version 9220f796ae39ced1fe58ad071990bc5db6cbab7c)
    • cdap-ui/app/hydrator/controllers/create/partials/nodeconfig-ctrl.js (version 9220f796ae39ced1fe58ad071990bc5db6cbab7c)
    • cdap-ui/app/hydrator/hydrator-modal.less (version 9220f796ae39ced1fe58ad071990bc5db6cbab7c)
    • cdap-ui/app/hydrator/templates/partial/node-config-modal/popover.html (version 9220f796ae39ced1fe58ad071990bc5db6cbab7c)
  • Edwin Elia <>

    Edwin Elia <> 08cb9fc09084bfe42425f41d83dee78a79fb0358 m

    Merge pull request #11678 from cdapio/bugfix_release-ui/CDAP-search-hub
    Add search to hub

  • Edwin Elia <>

    Edwin Elia <> 000c0e40fdff11ebedf0d24ae60216c9c1341576 m

    Add search to hub

    • cdap-ui/app/cdap/components/Market/AllTab/AllTabContents.scss (version 000c0e40fdff11ebedf0d24ae60216c9c1341576)
    • cdap-ui/app/cdap/components/Market/AllTab/index.js (version 000c0e40fdff11ebedf0d24ae60216c9c1341576)
    • cdap-ui/app/cdap/text/text-en.yaml (version 000c0e40fdff11ebedf0d24ae60216c9c1341576)
  • Edwin Elia <>

    Edwin Elia <> bb3f38affd872104489d670cbead6fab87658756 m

    Merge pull request #11677 from cdapio/bugfix_release-ui/CDAP-reword-homepage
    Update homepage wordings

  • Edwin Elia <>

    Edwin Elia <> 188690716ad1d2d71227be743a2eb025ca4986a6 m

    Merge pull request #11676 from cdapio/bugfix_release-ui/CDAP-15974-fix-row-macro-indicator
    [CDAP-15974] Fix macro row indicator

  • Edwin Elia <>

    Edwin Elia <> 754be23494b74e3c1c78d88643662925bf496880 m

    Update homepage wordings

    • cdap-ui/app/cdap/components/Home/HomeActions/index.tsx (version 754be23494b74e3c1c78d88643662925bf496880)
    • cdap-ui/app/cdap/text/text-en.yaml (version 754be23494b74e3c1c78d88643662925bf496880)
  • Edwin Elia <>

    Edwin Elia <> 276d38432099a8a5b190ec1b878262f62848ab2e m

    [CDAP-15974] Fix macro row indicator

    • cdap-ui/app/cdap/components/ConfigurationGroup/PropertyRow/index.tsx (version 276d38432099a8a5b190ec1b878262f62848ab2e)
  • Ajai <>

    Ajai <> 7c6296eba5a29e75b05259479e15fd141da4f548 m

    Merge pull request #11673 from cdapio/bugfix-ui/dynamic-plugin-filters
    Fix Dynamic Plugin Filters to properly handle simple condition objects

  • ajainarayanan <>

    ajainarayanan <> b98d8b32bf1839ed0cc8e218a5a0b0284b651400 m

    Fixes Dynamic Filter to handle basic condition object
      - Adds unit test to DynamicPluginFilter for simple condition object
      - Adds the ability to handle different types of value provided in plugin filter

    • cdap-ui/app/cdap/components/ConfigurationGroup/types.ts (version b98d8b32bf1839ed0cc8e218a5a0b0284b651400)
    • cdap-ui/app/cdap/components/ConfigurationGroup/utilities/DynamicPluginFilters.ts (version b98d8b32bf1839ed0cc8e218a5a0b0284b651400)
    • cdap-ui/app/cdap/components/ConfigurationGroup/utilities/__tests__/DynamicPluginFilters.test.ts (version b98d8b32bf1839ed0cc8e218a5a0b0284b651400)
  • Edwin Elia <>

    Edwin Elia <> a53b36a6b81bd053675dc43b9cd401d3bcd22b20 m

    Merge pull request #11675 from cdapio/bugfix_release-ui/CDAP-15975-fix-modal-backdrop-click
    [CDAP-15975] prevent modal close on pipeline properties when clicking…

  • Edwin Elia <>

    Edwin Elia <> 1b89ee44ff89d8dac0d2e6a384848297cdba3ade m

    [CDAP-15975] prevent modal close on pipeline properties when clicking on backdrop

    • cdap-ui/app/hydrator/controllers/create/canvas-ctrl.js (version 1b89ee44ff89d8dac0d2e6a384848297cdba3ade)
  • albertshau <>

    albertshau <> 9c08e614f59c86e4db860361fd18defd3f1f9dc0 m

    Merge pull request #11674 from cdapio/bugfix_release/CDAP-15971-reorder-dataproc-properties
    CDAP-15971 reorder CMEK property to be on bottom

  • albertshau <>

    albertshau <> 2cb25f9f17e14b2abea2af6902e454a583088f4b m

    CDAP-15971 reorder CMEK property to be on bottom
    Move the CMEK dataproc property to the bottom of the section and
    change the bucket property to be of medium size. This fixes the
    weird styling where everything is medium except for CMEK, which is
    in the middle of the section.

    • cdap-runtime-ext-dataproc/src/main/resources/gcp-dataproc.json (version 2cb25f9f17e14b2abea2af6902e454a583088f4b)
  • albertshau <>

    albertshau <> d2bf7ecfa9712cf9119e411187e2bdafb3df7667 m

    Merge pull request #11672 from cdapio/bugfix_release/CDAP-15501-set-blockinterval
    CDAP-15501 set block interval automatically

  • albertshau <>

    albertshau <> 4caa9feec6c8d0fd10714e5601fc4ab67f86c4ba m

    CDAP-15501 set block interval automatically
    For most streaming pipelines, the default block interval of
    200ms generates too many partitions. This is especially true of
    file based sinks, which will write out a file for each part.

    If the block interval is not explicitly set by the user, set it
    to 20% of the batch interval to generate a smaller number of

    • cdap-app-templates/cdap-etl/cdap-data-streams/src/main/java/io/cdap/cdap/datastreams/ (version 4caa9feec6c8d0fd10714e5601fc4ab67f86c4ba)