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Code commits


  • Dennis Li <>

    Dennis Li <> d80c0280bbf5273eb128b01465a3e81fbac0aaf8

    Merge pull request #12839 from cdapio/bugfix/CDAP-17388-Dataproc-Provisioner-asia-northeast3-Support
    [CDAP-17388] Add asia-northeast3 region to Dataproc Provisioner

  • Dennis Li <>

    Dennis Li <> 0240cf6b42fdc6548201f1ae4e90c621993d05fd

    [CDAP-17388] Add asia-northeast3 region to Dataproc Provisioner

    • cdap-runtime-ext-dataproc/src/main/resources/gcp-dataproc.json (version 0240cf6b42fdc6548201f1ae4e90c621993d05fd)
    • cdap-runtime-ext-dataproc/src/main/resources/gcp-existing-dataproc.json (version 0240cf6b42fdc6548201f1ae4e90c621993d05fd)
  • Ajai <>

    Ajai <> f0094e2979d5bbf27a1cc126b784965863567d12

    Merge pull request #12829 from cdapio/bugfix-ui/CDAP-17295
    [CDAP-17295] Fixes selection and replacing text in code editor in UI

  • Ajai Narayan

    Ajai Narayan 6ca1b3fe7ad0164d7bb182bc33a5db17a1af899c m

    Adds e2e test to validate selection and replace of text in codeeditor

    • cdap-ui/app/cdap/components/CodeEditor/index.tsx (version 6ca1b3fe7ad0164d7bb182bc33a5db17a1af899c)
    • cdap-ui/cypress/integration/widget.codeeditor.spec.ts (version 6ca1b3fe7ad0164d7bb182bc33a5db17a1af899c)
    • cdap-ui/cypress/typings/index.d.ts (version 6ca1b3fe7ad0164d7bb182bc33a5db17a1af899c)
  • Ajai Narayan

    Ajai Narayan 558ceac9348a49fbcbe1cf6c5e0958cb58b0951a m

    [CDAP-17295] Fixes CodeEditor to not reset the cursor when user selects portion of text and starts editing the code.
    This happens because ace editor fires multiple events for deleting selection
    text and adding new ones. This async update from ace-editor causes prop comparison
    to be incorrect which results in re-rendering the entire react component

    By adding a debounce we now batch the updates from aceeditor that
    happens within 100ms which prevents it from firing multiple times

    • cdap-ui/app/cdap/components/CodeEditor/index.tsx (version 558ceac9348a49fbcbe1cf6c5e0958cb58b0951a)