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28cc919a6a3e869550ae2859629dc261566f7bc7 28cc919a6a3e869550ae2859629dc261566f7bc7
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vinishavyasa <> vinishavyasa <> 28cc919a6a3e869550ae2859629dc261566f7bc7 28cc919a6a3e869550ae2859629dc261566f7bc7 Merge pull request #10005 from caskdata/feature/runtime-monitor-service
Adding server for polling client
Vinisha Shah Vinisha Shah ebeab4624de399077a8d5402327ca5442ee33a60 ebeab4624de399077a8d5402327ca5442ee33a60 Adding server for polling client
Tony Bach Tony Bach 12790a99f2a7f412c9982635e517d0409c8d007d 12790a99f2a7f412c9982635e517d0409c8d007d Merge pull request #10026 from caskdata/feature-ui/CDAP-13242-new-admin-page
[CDAP-13242] Implements new Administration page
Tony Bach Tony Bach 29da0085e11abe30f4c87aaea943a05638abd20a 29da0085e11abe30f4c87aaea943a05638abd20a [CDAP-13242] Implements new Administration page - Adds Management & Config tabs, moves current content to Management tab, removes admin config section, and minor styling changes - Initializes Configuration tab content, and moves components around a bit - Removes streams count from namespace details page, and uses one fewer API - Implements Namespaces accordion - Implements System Compute Profiles section, adds profile create view at system level, and handles expanding accordion from higher component - Implements System Preferences accordion - Removes no longer used component after the design change - Extracts ViewAllLabel, and standardizes link colors - Fixes js error when closing set preference modal, and avoid opening namespace details page when closing preferences saved success banner
albertshau <> albertshau <> d78ac02e7ae81f7f572dd20254db367280e19056 d78ac02e7ae81f7f572dd20254db367280e19056 Merge pull request #10033 from caskdata/copy-dataproc-config-correctly
fix path for copying dataproc config

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