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    Merge pull request #12142 from cdapio/bugfix/CDAP-16730/wyzhang/kubeMem
    (CDAP-16730) Set correct -xmx for pods in k8s to run programs

  • wyzhang <>

    wyzhang <> 9cb32573c27d9bb4fdf4cc950fe50e18c8b96101

    (CDAP-16730) Set correct -xmx for pods in k8s to run programs
    We have introduced a multiplier to determine the actual CPU and RAM
    to request for creating the pod to run a program. But we fail to
    set the correct -xmx based on the RAM requested for the pod.

    This change
    - Set memory requested to be memory * multiplier
    - Set xmx using org.apache.twill.internal.utils.Resources.computeMaxHeapSiz
      based on the memory request size

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