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Plan branches

Plan Build Completed Tests Reason
feature-cdap-13612-async-txclient The last build was not built #15 1 day ago 1 of 2611 failed Child of CDAP-DRC9362-11
feature-CDAP-15588-private Last build was successful #14 1 week ago 2571 passed Child of CDAP-DRC9338-18
feature-CDAP-15628-query-parser Last build was successful #5 1 day ago 2575 passed Child of CDAP-DRC9361-10
feature-CDAP-15632-nosql-impl-query-parser No build history Never built
feature-CDAP-15632-noSQL-implements-query-parser The last build was not built #1 2 days ago 6 of 1116 failed Child of CDAP-DRC9372-1
feature-CDAP-15632-nosql-required-search-impl Last build was successful #3 2 hours ago 2577 passed Child of CDAP-DRC9377-8
feature-CDAP-15634-elasticsearch-query-parser-integration Last build was successful #8 5 hours ago 2575 passed Manual run by Jordan Mathis