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#399 (Child of CDAP-DRC-531)
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#402 (Child of CDAP-DRC-542)


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New test failures 2
Status Test Duration
Collapse Failed AdapterClientTest testAdapters History
9 secs 403: Program is still running
	at co.cask.cdap.client.util.RESTClient.execute(
	at co.cask.cdap.client.util.RESTClient.execute(
	at co.cask.cdap.client.ApplicationClient.deleteAll(
	at co.cask.cdap.client.AdapterClientTest.testAdapters(
Collapse Failed HBaseMetricsTableTest testDeleteIncrements History
< 1 sec
java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: Invalid format for dataset/table name 'testDeleteIncrements'. Expected - <table-prefix>.<namespace>.<dataset/table-name>
	at co.cask.cdap.data2.util.hbase.TableId.from(
	at co.cask.cdap.data2.dataset2.lib.table.hbase.HBaseTableAdmin.<init>(
	at co.cask.cdap.data2.dataset2.lib.table.hbase.HBaseMetricsTableDefinition.getAdmin(
	at co.cask.cdap.data2.dataset2.InMemoryDatasetFramework.addInstance(
	at co.cask.cdap.data2.datafabric.dataset.DatasetsUtil.createIfNotExists(
	at co.cask.cdap.data2.datafabric.dataset.DatasetsUtil.getOrCreateDataset(
(1 more lines...)
Fixed tests 1
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Successful StreamConversionTest testStreamConversion History
Failing since build #399 (Child of CDAP-DRC-531) 43 secs