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albertshau <> albertshau <> 220a464460325b9f4a3502e9c79dee304bdaa7c6 220a464460325b9f4a3502e9c79dee304bdaa7c6 Merge pull request #3888 from caskdata/feature/CDAP-3629-remove-adapter-client
CDAP-3629 removing adapter client
ataylor4 <> ataylor4 <> 9673b1244185c18e2d0185734c1be1476e5476c9 9673b1244185c18e2d0185734c1be1476e5476c9 Merge pull request #3871 from caskdata/feature/file-set-sink-docs
Docs for Snapshot File Set Sink
Albert Shau <> Albert Shau <> d6c1c4bda9e4a24025baa592b63f663bbe54fd2b d6c1c4bda9e4a24025baa592b63f663bbe54fd2b CDAP-3629 removing adapter client
Removes AdapterClient and related classes. This means adapters
are no longer visible to the unit test and integration test
Bhooshan Mogal Bhooshan Mogal b8423cc18960ddefa6a9a0fffb5ecf20648c0268 b8423cc18960ddefa6a9a0fffb5ecf20648c0268 Merge pull request #3868 from caskdata/feature/move-metadata
[CDAP-3516] Added a MetadataService that runs in the dataset executor…
Bhooshan Mogal Bhooshan Mogal c970c2563887f4f9c5ef266a0e911d34d815b89a c970c2563887f4f9c5ef266a0e911d34d815b89a [CDAP-3516] Added a MetadataService that runs in the dataset executor container. Moved metadata HTTP APIs to this service from Dataset Service.
Also moved some Metadata classes to cdap-app-fabric.


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