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d2104437b202fc319ffa43ddf7ff0189373b7aca d2104437b202fc319ffa43ddf7ff0189373b7aca
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Alvin Wang Alvin Wang d2104437b202fc319ffa43ddf7ff0189373b7aca d2104437b202fc319ffa43ddf7ff0189373b7aca Merge pull request #3693 from caskdata/feature/3419
CDAP-3419: Record min write pointer in HBaseQueueDebugger
sreevatsan raman <> sreevatsan raman <> 9931dd4dc63356d7fe0b57e1bece6b9ab14a7750 9931dd4dc63356d7fe0b57e1bece6b9ab14a7750 Merge pull request #3705 from caskdata/feature/cherry-pick-CDAP-3482-to-develop
CDAP-3482 Sort CLASSPATH in Standalone
ataylor4 <> ataylor4 <> 6fb41c3c1a929dbc6fabaf4a7e8fcf53c0e1a295 6fb41c3c1a929dbc6fabaf4a7e8fcf53c0e1a295 Merge pull request #3697 from caskdata/feature/move-RecordPutTransformer
Moved RecordPutTransformer to cdap-etl-common
Sreevatsan Raman Sreevatsan Raman 29cdb3fa35d0efefd99ad1f6ac39179e08db18e8 29cdb3fa35d0efefd99ad1f6ac39179e08db18e8 CDAP-3482 Sort CLASSPATH in Standalone
Standalone loads all JARs from CDAP_HOME/lib/* which relies on the
underlying file-system's ordering, which is not guaranteed. This
was causing instability due to the differences between Mac OS X
file-system (HFS+) and Linux (Ext3/4).

(cherry picked from commit 3da35a5e24ad1a913aa18afe95651f070017ea40)
albertshau <> albertshau <> 891eb4beacdc48c5c26e1637b1bd5eb5dddaef5d 891eb4beacdc48c5c26e1637b1bd5eb5dddaef5d Merge pull request #3679 from caskdata/feature/CDAP-3450-move-logic-into-app-service
CDAP-3450 move app deploy logic from http handler into service


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