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  • wyzhang <>

    wyzhang <> cc752901d488995839b0188413215b79ee0b83f5

    Merge pull request #13761 from cdapio/feature/CDAP-18627/wyzhang-leveldb-api
    [CDAP-18627] Add put,get,getLatest,delete LevelDBTableCore APIs

  • Wangyuan Zhang <>

    Wangyuan Zhang <> 45e8394c327be6faf5086d2bca25450472abf30b m

    [CDAP-18627] Add put,get,getLatest,delete LevelDBTableCore APIs
    Introduce put,get,delete APIs that operate on values at max version,
    so caller doesn't need to specify a version when it doesn't care.
    Introduce getLatest which returns the value with highest version.
    This can be used when caller doesn't know the version number of
    the latest value, but want to retrive the latest value.

    Introducing these APIs allows simplifying the logic on the caller side.
    For instance, a follow-up PR will make preview store to use these APIs.

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    • cdap-data-fabric/src/test/java/io/cdap/cdap/data2/dataset2/lib/table/leveldb/ (version 45e8394c327be6faf5086d2bca25450472abf30b)