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  • wyzhang <>

    wyzhang <> 123937edd307114bfea5797ccaa75213d8a225f4

    Merge pull request #13753 from cdapio/feature/CDAP-18627/wyzhang-leveldb-preview
    [CDAP-18627] Split preview leveldb store into 2 stores.

  • Wangyuan Zhang <>

    Wangyuan Zhang <> 925085c43fb0d80f4c08ac667a5c84383285f80e m

    [CDAP-18627] Split preview leveldb store into 2 stores.              One for data+metadata and the other for pending
    Splitting into separate levelDB stores to minimize any potential
    slow seek or scan operations, since this store has high deletion
    rate, thus producing lots of deletion markers or tombstones.
    As a result, it is fairly easy to cause very slow seek or scan
    (e.g. calling seekToStart or using to find target row)
    during implementation. Splitting minimizes/reduces the slowness.
    Furthermore, a followup PR to enable compaction on these levelDB
    will allow us compacting away these deletion markers frequently,
    thus speeding up access operations.

    • cdap-app-fabric/src/main/java/io/cdap/cdap/internal/app/store/preview/ (version 925085c43fb0d80f4c08ac667a5c84383285f80e)