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rahul1995 <> rahul1995 <> acfbeda1fcd524e4667f266420954679f25e1f7c acfbeda1fcd524e4667f266420954679f25e1f7c Merge pull request #13688 from cdapio/feature/CDAP-18532-config-declared-errors
CDAP-18532: Provide a way to declare server error through Configuration file
Rahul Jain <> Rahul Jain <> 8ddadae452052661a0597ca4326b308ddeb172e6 m 8ddadae452052661a0597ca4326b308ddeb172e6 Define config-reloading interval in seconds instead of minutes, and 0 interval should be treated as a way to disable config-reload scheduling
wyzhang <> wyzhang <> 4ca718da41c6ecbd1ab644fba264572308ee4c54 4ca718da41c6ecbd1ab644fba264572308ee4c54 Merge pull request #13695 from cdapio/feature/CDAP-18542/wyzhang-metrics-levelDB-compaction
[CDAP-18542] Adding a periodic full compaction to LevelDBTableService.
Wangyuan Zhang <> Wangyuan Zhang <> 9702a5f9e821b227ef6bbbd1b5aea88cbb887ba4 m 9702a5f9e821b227ef6bbbd1b5aea88cbb887ba4 [CDAP-18542] Adding a periodic full compaction to LevelDBTableService.
Adding a periodic full compaction across tables managed by LevelDBTableService.
This background periodic compaction is controlled by a cdap-site configuration.
Typically this the comapction interval should be a few days (e.g. 7 days) since
it could be a heavy disk operation depending on the size of the table.

LevelDB by default compacts across level N and subset of files in level N+1, this could
potentially lead to deletion-marker-masked values in N+1 or N+2 not being discarded
after the compaction, thus degrading read performance and causing disk overhead.
Rahul Jain <> Rahul Jain <> fbb3ad3e621dd2c03193c9af9c904afd3946f15c m fbb3ad3e621dd2c03193c9af9c904afd3946f15c Refactoring: Moved ConfigBasedRequestBlocking constants inside Router constants class

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