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  • nliu132 <>

    nliu132 <> 151153912114897b095dbb1eabcbafb95e2d1b9f

    Merge pull request #13669 from cdapio/feature/CDAP-17705_invalid-pipeline
    [CDAP-17705] Add validation during pipeline spec generation to check that a source stage is not present after a non-condition/action stage.

  • Nancy Liu <>

    Nancy Liu <> 53a9775f81f958835ebba73679192d461e9d4062 m

    consolidate dag loops

    • cdap-app-templates/cdap-etl/cdap-etl-core/src/main/java/io/cdap/cdap/etl/spec/ (version 53a9775f81f958835ebba73679192d461e9d4062)
  • Nancy Liu <>

    Nancy Liu <> b2a60c74f72ba6349bc9b501df130d69542d7e8a m

    Add validation check if source is in middle of pipeline

    • cdap-app-templates/cdap-etl/cdap-etl-core/src/main/java/io/cdap/cdap/etl/spec/ (version b2a60c74f72ba6349bc9b501df130d69542d7e8a)
    • cdap-app-templates/cdap-etl/cdap-etl-core/src/test/java/io/cdap/cdap/etl/spec/ (version b2a60c74f72ba6349bc9b501df130d69542d7e8a)