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  • wyzhang <>

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    Merge pull request #13465 from cdapio/feature/CDAP-17981/wyzhang-file-fetcher
    CDAP-17981: Introduce FileFetcherInternalHttpHandler in AppFabric

  • wyzhang <>

    wyzhang <> bf2a340551afc1b534267fdd8f7ffb5ee11b1caf m

    CDAP-17981: Introduce FileFetcherInternalHttpHandler in AppFabric
    This is intended to be used for appfab to proxy files from distributed
    file system, since it is possible that other services may not have
    direct access to the distributed file system (e.g. in k8s where we
    may want to run user code in isolated pods which don't have permission
    to access distributed file system that appfab has access to)

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