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  • Terence Yim <>

    Terence Yim <> 18aeb1ce97bbb93dac2424189140e3e5c153a9db

    Merge pull request #12766 from cdapio/feature/CDAP-17257-preview-stop
    (CDAP-17257) Wait till the return on stopping

  • Terence Yim

    Terence Yim a896988e080f47d57756594da15257ad169fa67e

    (CDAP-17257) Wait till the return on stopping
    - This fixes the preview pod get killed too fast before it can stop itself gracefully

    • cdap-app-fabric/src/main/java/io/cdap/cdap/internal/app/preview/ (version a896988e080f47d57756594da15257ad169fa67e)
    • cdap-app-fabric/src/main/java/io/cdap/cdap/master/environment/k8s/ (version a896988e080f47d57756594da15257ad169fa67e)