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Edwin Elia <> Edwin Elia <> d5c550fcaf41a5f3d087c3f1696893444d17f02c d5c550fcaf41a5f3d087c3f1696893444d17f02c Merge pull request #12583 from cdapio/bugfix-ui/CDAP-17175-multiple-version-same-artifact-error
[CDAP-17175] Fix artifact not found when there are multiple version o…
Edwin Elia <> Edwin Elia <> 57021ee4cc9913121081c8f8f1fed2e00c2cf641 57021ee4cc9913121081c8f8f1fed2e00c2cf641 Merge pull request #12580 from cdapio/feature-ui/CDAP-17170-log-viewer-top-panel-restyle
[CDAP-17170] Log Viewer modify color of Top Panel and buttons behavior
Vinisha Shah <> Vinisha Shah <> a9066d9ac81028327bd9dc2b773ec6c70d6ee916 a9066d9ac81028327bd9dc2b773ec6c70d6ee916 Merge pull request #12592 from cdapio/feature/CDAP-16668-autoscale-develop
[CDAP-16668] Dataproc enhancements to support autoscale (experimental…
Vinisha Shah Vinisha Shah 9b766c5b478348641a63e12549bacd23f08ec2f9 m 9b766c5b478348641a63e12549bacd23f08ec2f9 [CDAP-16668] Dataproc enhancements to support autoscale (experimental feature)
Edwin Elia <> Edwin Elia <> 89c0083323b5876200b2ae67043e49e3bf21c6a0 m 89c0083323b5876200b2ae67043e49e3bf21c6a0 [CDAP-17175] Fix artifact not found when there are multiple version of the same plugin

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Unknown Issue TypeCDAP-17175Could not obtain issue details from JIRA

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