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  • Ajai <>

    Ajai <> 0a575bc88a7486e99183bc6b1a3120c8ddca470c

    Merge pull request #11583 from cdapio/bugfix-ui/fix-cloud-environments
    Fix node to parse cdap config in cloud environments

  • Ajai Narayan

    Ajai Narayan 07b9804ed4b9ab1d40bbd2a7f421ac3322090ef4

    Fix node to parse cdap config in cloud environments + fix favicon path
      - Adds ConfigReader to isolate config read process
      - Fixes favicon path
      - Adds manual wait time for pipeline spec to make sure the page is loaded
      - Fixes AppHeader to properly show user information if security is enabled

    Updates encryption from reading the secret directly from security config instead of a path

    • cdap-ui/app/cdap/components/AppHeader/AppToolBar/AppToolbarMenu.tsx (version 07b9804ed4b9ab1d40bbd2a7f421ac3322090ef4)
    • cdap-ui/cypress/integration/pipeline.spec.ts (version 07b9804ed4b9ab1d40bbd2a7f421ac3322090ef4)
    • cdap-ui/server/config/config-reader.js (version 07b9804ed4b9ab1d40bbd2a7f421ac3322090ef4)
    • cdap-ui/server/config/development/cdap.json (version 07b9804ed4b9ab1d40bbd2a7f421ac3322090ef4)
    • cdap-ui/server/config/parser.js (version 07b9804ed4b9ab1d40bbd2a7f421ac3322090ef4)
    • cdap-ui/server/token.js (version 07b9804ed4b9ab1d40bbd2a7f421ac3322090ef4)
    • cdap-ui/server/token_test.js (version 07b9804ed4b9ab1d40bbd2a7f421ac3322090ef4)
    • cdap-ui/server/uiThemeWrapper.js (version 07b9804ed4b9ab1d40bbd2a7f421ac3322090ef4)