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  • Miguel Velez <>

    Miguel Velez <> fd0b74671bea0314e534ab3d9dcc6c1bc9b0c532

    Merge pull request #11385 from cdapio/bugfix/CDAP-9240-service-not-found
    [CDAP-9240] Excessive time to return error when service is not found through CLI

  • Miguel Velez <>

    Miguel Velez <> 62614fee64a968d47eea71ca898f2a59104fb624 m

    [CDAP-9240] added option to set the number of times to retry discovering a service

    • cdap-cli/src/main/java/io/cdap/cdap/cli/ (version 62614fee64a968d47eea71ca898f2a59104fb624)