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Code commits


  • Ajai <>

    Ajai <> b10b120f0de44f159e7c661945f7bd2879c5d171

    Merge pull request #11380 from cdapio/bugfix-ui/change-save-to-ok-pipeline-name-form
    Modifies the 'save' button to be 'ok' while updating pipeline name

  • Ajai <>

    Ajai <> ae8cde337fcc242fef2125499d3bc33d8ff1ccf3

    Merge pull request #11371 from cdapio/feature-ui/pass-dev-mode-to-client
    [UI] Enable hiding experimental features in production version of CDAP

  • Ajai Narayan

    Ajai Narayan ed5d4147b293bcf58e4b3ed64e77bcd72c79be61

    Modifies the 'save' button to be 'ok' to avoid confusion about saving pipeline in backend vs saving pipeline name in UI

    • cdap-ui/app/hydrator/templates/create/toppanel.html (version ed5d4147b293bcf58e4b3ed64e77bcd72c79be61)
  • Ajai Narayan

    Ajai Narayan 502f6d2e8b419c1abf982340d5eae45db8ca518f

    Pass on mode (prodution vs development) to clientside. This will help us prevent loading unnecessary experimental routes that we don't want to surface in production.

    • cdap-ui/app/cdap/main.js (version 502f6d2e8b419c1abf982340d5eae45db8ca518f)
    • cdap-ui/server/express.js (version 502f6d2e8b419c1abf982340d5eae45db8ca518f)