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  • albertshau <>

    albertshau <> 46d7f6548e6dab1e082a8d74c2357925761b70c2

    Merge pull request #11056 from cdapio/feature/CDAP-14916-fix-tx-runners-exception-propagation
    CDAP-14916 fix TransactionRunners runtime exception propagation

  • albertshau <>

    albertshau <> 06c711f8219e2d876e0b69f051a49ffb49dda0d8

    CDAP-14916 fix TransactionRunners runtime exception propagation
    Fixed a bug with the methods that take a
    single runnable and no exception classes. These methods used to
    throw a RuntimeException around the TransactionException around
    the actual RuntimeException thrown by the TxRunnable.

    • cdap-storage-spi/src/main/java/co/cask/cdap/spi/data/transaction/ (version 06c711f8219e2d876e0b69f051a49ffb49dda0d8)
    • cdap-storage-spi/src/test/java/co/cask/cdap/spi/data/transaction/ (version 06c711f8219e2d876e0b69f051a49ffb49dda0d8)