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Tony Bach <> Tony Bach <> 038679bac3067eb2a785d719a107edaf0735bc0a 038679bac3067eb2a785d719a107edaf0735bc0a Merge pull request #10269 from caskdata/feature-ui/CDAP-13477-MMDS-Rules-CTA
[CDAP-13477] Changes to MMDS and Rules Engine landing pages
tonybach <> tonybach <> 7af038a662057ca00a793c7ec0772edffbeb8b36 7af038a662057ca00a793c7ec0772edffbeb8b36 [CDAP-13477] Changes to MMDS and Rules Engine landing pages - Moves CTA for MMDS and DRE welcome page to above the description - Removes the check for MMDS and DRE artifacts, since they'll always be available - Renames enableDataPreparationService to enableSystemApp to be more generic, and moves ServiceEnablerUtilities to a generic helper directory, instead of having it in DataPrep - Also removes check for Reports artifact
Ajai <> Ajai <> c1e2936cccb4142de7535f8c73f137ddda7108e0 c1e2936cccb4142de7535f8c73f137ddda7108e0 Merge pull request #10234 from caskdata/bugfix_release-ui/CDAP-13452
[CDAP-13452] Fix the way we save runtime arguments in pipelines
Ajai Narayan Ajai Narayan d555a859cc9845b9f23968456127be8ee7cf8e11 m d555a859cc9845b9f23968456127be8ee7cf8e11 [CDAP-13452] Fix the way we save runtime arguments in pipelines
  - Adds PipelineModeless as a component to be re-used across PipelineConfigurations
  - Adds PipelineRuntimeArgsCounter as component to be re-used cross pipeline configurations modeless
  - Adds props to ConfigurableTab for optional icon and some classNames for containers
  - Minor fixes to KeyValuePairs component & KeyValueStore
  - Removes ConfigurtionsContent & ConfigurationsSidePanel as part of refactoring top panel in pipelines
  - Updates ConfigurationContent tabs to depend directly on PipelineConfigurationsStore
  - Adds PipelineRuntimeArgsDropdownBtn to configure runtime arguments for one run vs all runs
  - Updates PipelineDetail run button to use the newly added run drodown btn to configure runtime arguments
  - Updates PipelineConfigurations component + store to no longer store saved runtime args and fetch runtime args whenever the user opens the modeless
  - Moves pipeline configuration content styles for pipeline studio from react to angular
  - Updates i18n based on changes made to RuntimeArgs component
  - Removes 'fetchAndUpdateRuntimeArgs' function from PipelineDetail store as it is moved to PipelineConfigurations Store
  - Fixes Popover component to handle nested popover conditions
  - Removes un-used ConfigModelessActionButtons
  - Removes pipelineEdited flag and associated reducers as we now save everything by default
  - Fixes runtime arguments to be independent of arguments for historical runs
  - Fixes PipelineConfigurations by deep cloning PipelineConfigurations store
  - Removes the usage of keyvalue pairs component from historical runs
  - Fixes run button action to submit runtime arguments in the start api


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	at co.cask.cdap.internal.AppFabricTestHelper.deployApplicationWithManager(
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	at co.cask.cdap.internal.AppFabricTestHelper.deployApplicationWithManager(
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